Just like an 82-million-year-old lion skull, a 51-million-year-old red wolf skull, a 78-million-year-old spotted deer skull, a 90-million-year-old hyena skull and many other similar fossils, the 74-million-year brown bear skull pictured has a perfect appearance in terms of shape and detail. If Darwinists were correct, then these fossils dating back millions of years should be semi-developed, with their jaws and eye sockets misaligned. Their noses should not yet have formed fully, and there should be profound defects in the skull inside which the brain is located. Yet these fossils all possess perfect structures and, moreover, anatomies identical to those of their present-day counterparts. In fact, just a single piece of evidence, even this 74-million-year-old brown bear skull, is sufficient to demolish the theory of evolution.